About Audeo

The Audeo Foundation is a private, non-profit organization created in 2021 by leading players in the academic and business world. Among its collaborators, it has internationally renowned professors and relevant professionals in the economic and financial sphere.

Its mission is to identify and promote educational activities and projects of excellence and global reach in Spain in the fields of economy, business, and finance doing so through various initiatives:

—— The promotion of academic programs with the ability to become global leaders, which increase the competitiveness and international prestige of economic and financial training in Spain, and which offer the opportunity to generate new talents to compete and lead the future.

—— Financial support for young, international talents to carry out postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as for the preparation of their research pieces and theses.

—— Economic contribution and financing for postgraduate programs, fellowships, and research programs that place special importance on the technological aspect and data science.

—— The organization of international competitions and awards that stimulate research and knowledge in economics and finance.

—— The support and the undertaking of high-level workshops, conferences, and training seminars.

By carrying out its activities, the Audeo Foundation aspires to contribute to the social and economic progress of Spain.

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