Audeo Award

The Audeo Foundation is announcing an annual award to recognize the best educational program in Spain considering the integration of curricular content in data science and technology as a form of support for analysis and decision-making in all areas of society, the economy, the company, and public management.

The award is granted by a prestigious jury appointed by the foundation's board of trustees and it includes a financial award for the program itself and its directors, as well as for a portion of the students who decide to take part in the award-winning program.

Audeo Talent

Audeo Talent is a financial support program for students who stand out for their intellectual competence, their academic abilities, and their professional projection. Each year, this program selects a group of young talents at an international level to whom it offers a system of economic assistance that allows them to continue their training in programs of excellence.


Audeo Classroom

The Audeo Foundation organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, and workgroups related to education, the economy, and business. The objective of Audeo Classroom is to contribute to a general debate and reflection on the present and future of education, as well as on training of excellence. Another aim is to generate far-reaching proposals.

Seminar 2021

The Audeo Foundation's 1st Annual Seminar brings together a group of leading international academic personalities and experts to reflect on the new challenges of university education.

Through a program made up of eight presentations, issues such as education in economics and finance, STEM disciplines, active learning, the creation of inclusive educational environments, and the keys to achieving equity and student success will be addressed.



The Audeo Foundation establishes workgroups made up of experts who, together with the members of the board of trustees and the members of the advisory councils, draw up specific proposals for the implementation of projects on the future of education. The objective of the "University of Excellence in Spain" workgroup is to develop a proposal for the creation of a Spanish university institution that occupies a position of excellence and international leadership in the areas of knowledge on economics, business, and finance.

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