The founders, members of the board of trustees, collaborators, and friends of the foundation share three convictions:


Human capital (understood as the sum of knowledge, creativity, and ethical principles of personal effort and social commitment) is the most important factor to ensure the growth and social and economic leadership of a country.


An education of excellence is the best means for the development of human capital that has the necessary skills to understand, actively participate in, and transform the complex and changing societies and production systems in which we live.


Equal access to education is the most effective driver of social mobility. To achieve a more just and equitable society, the best educational projects must be inclusive; that is, open to all people, regardless of their social origin or financial resources.

At the Audeo Foundation, we believe that excellence in education goes beyond the successful transmission of knowledge and skills.


It is also based on instilling a critical spirit, fostering interest and the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills, developing creativity, and transmitting ethical principles.


To accomplish all this, we consider the use of new technologies (as they are necessary tools in our digital society) to be essential in order to access the best educational content and models.


Promoting and developing an education of excellence is a collective task that requires collaboration between the academic world and social and economic entrepreneurs, as well as requiring the joint mobilization of public and private initiatives.


A project with the ambition of long-term permanence must also have a solid institutional framework behind it, as well as financial viability and independence. Thus, in addition to having stable financial resources, effective and professional management is essential to provide all players with the incentives and motivation necessary for their constant mobilization in search of individual excellence.

The promotion and development of educational projects of excellence which are also socially inclusive represents, therefore, an absolutely necessary effort if we want to contribute to the economic and social progress of Spain.

The founders, members of the board of trustees, and friends of the Audeo Foundation will dedicate our resources, our experience, and our enthusiasm to fulfilling this objective.

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