TheAudeo Fundation has two advisory councils, executive management, and a board of trustees.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is the governing, administrative, and representative body of the foundation and it exercises the powers that correspond thereto in accordance with the legal system and the statutes.

The people that make up the board have solid backgrounds in the academic, business, financial and institutional spheres, where they hold positions of responsibility. All of them promote the Audeo project as part of their commitment to an education of excellence, equal opportunities, Spain's competitiveness on the global stage, and economic and social progress.

Academic Council

The academic council is the advisory body for all matters related to the foundation's academic activities, both direct activities and those carried out together with other organizations. It is made up of leaders in the academic world and who are part of prestigious universities at an international level.

Its tasks are focused on proposing academic criteria of excellence for the study programs that are supported or promoted by the foundation, advising on the content of fellowships, and designing educational and informational activities such as seminars, workshops, and specialized conferences.

Business and Finance Council

The business and financial council is the advisory body for all matters related to the economic/financial viability of the foundation's activities. Likewise, it makes proposals to the board of trustees so that the activities contribute to strengthening the links between academia and the business world.

This body is made up of professionals and executives with outstanding experience in the economic, financial, and business fields.

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